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Episode 03: The Manteros Union

In many Spanish cities, migrant street vendors sell knock-off brand clothing, using simple blankets to display their merchandise on the sidewalk. They are known as “manteros”. Their work is precarious, and they constantly face hassles from the police. This is the story of the first mantero trade union, its creative struggle against racism, and solidarity in times of Covid-19.

Episode 02: Father Frost vs. Putin

As the Putin regime is turning Russia into a police state, the relative safety of foreign soil is becoming more important for oppositional activists.

A political festival in Finland has become a key venue for Russian leftists to get together safely. Gathering in Helsinki each winter to discuss and strategize, they are reviving the city’s traditional role as a refuge for Russian radicals and a hotbed of Russian revolutionary politics.

* * Due to the pandemic, the upcoming edition of the festival Father Frost Against Putin has been postponed to June 2021. The organizing collective has also decided to rebrand, and the festival is now known as “Feast after Plague”. For more info, check out their website:

Episode 01: Sweden's Radical Comics Community

Over the past 15 years, a new genre of comics has developed in Sweden. Some of the works are neatly drawn autobiographies, others cut-and-paste, satirical collages. But what's unique - the genre is dominated by women, feminist, and politically radical. This is the story of a cultural movement.

With Daria Bogdanska, Sara Hansson and Sara Granér.


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